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The vehicle purchase price calculator will assist you in calculating the value of a vehicle that you could buy based on a specified monthly repayment.

Select the amount you want to pay each month and then use the sliders to vary the rate, term and balloon payments by sliding the buttons to the left or right. The loan amount is calculated as soon as you release the slider.

You can move your mouse over the small info boxes next to each option to get a description of that option.

Use the sliders to change values in the textboxes.

Move your mouse over the small info boxes for additional information.


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Monthly Repayment
The monthly repayments refers to the amount which is paid to the bank every month.
The term refers to the number of months over which the loan will be repayed. The maximum repayment period is 72 months.
Interest rate
The percentage annual interest rate applicable to the transaction.
Balloon payment
A balloon payment is an inflated payment at the end of a contract. The customer is solely responsible for the balloon payment and at the end of the agreement has certain options that include: settle the account in cash, dispose of the vehicle and settle the account, or re-finance the payment at the banks discretion. Whilst a balloon payment has the effect of reducing the monthly instalment, total interest paid can be higher and therefore vehicles should be financed with the lowest balloon payment possible.
Loan amount
The loan amount refers to the amount that will be financed by the bank.
Loan including Balloon
The loan including balloon is the amount that can be purchased for, taking into account the addition of the future value of the balloon lump sum.
Balloon %
The balloon percentage is the balloon lump sum payment expressed as a percentage of the finance amount.
A deposit is an amount paid by the borrower, to reduce the finance or loan amount required. A deposit is not always required when financing a motor vehicle.